Only Red

Only Red is a
Multicultural Marketing
Communications Agency

Specialised in understanding cultural needs, traditions, languages and sensitivities we create integrated marketing solutions to help brands communicate effectively with the UK’s increasingly diverse audience.

Our Relevant, Exciting and Diverse ethos together with a combination of marketing disciplines ensures each campaign is designed to meet your business needs and deliver results.

We strive to
apply a Relevant
Exciting & Diverse
approach in what we do

About Us

Only Red was born from a passion to communicate between brands and diverse audiences. We believe effective communication with the culturally-rich markets is as important as the mainstream and is paramount to every brand’s success.

In Britain’s contemporary multi cultural landscape we believe success no longer hinges on only multi-ethnic advertising but in building sustainable relationships. We have challenged the ineffective conventional “one size fits all” formula and created our very own Only R.E.D approach that will help clients identify and reach all generations within the specific cultural group.

Only Relevant – Only Exciting – Only Diverse

These are our principle foundations and our promise to you.

Only Relevant

Being relevant to your target market is the key to start a powerful relationship with your customer. Therefore, we keep relevance at the heart of answering your brief - how we build the right connections with the audience you want your brand to talk to.

Only Exciting

We know if something isn’t exciting it won’t capture attention. Creating exciting campaigns is integral to every brief, for every brand and its niche market. Working with our clients excites us too, and as excitement is contagious, we’re sure you’ll feel it too.

Only Diverse

Doing things the same way over time loses its effect, as markets and people change. To attract new customers and unique markets, we know by making your brand flexible, possibly taking it into new directions with new ways of communications, will help transform your business.

Cultural marketing means the same in any language and our continual pursuit to understand cultural differences, language treatments and purchase drivers is imperative to the service we offer.

Providing a range of services across marketing disciplines and together with the perfect blend of skill, cultural knowledge, creative flair and enthusiasm our professional team are experienced to craft a focused solution which is Relevant, Exciting and Diverse.

Our work ethic is simple, we love to communicate and work together with our clients as partners not as a third party company bringing us closer to understanding their business and deliver the right results.

Relevant, Exciting
& Diverse


Skill and knowledge is available across a range of marketing services to ensure each campaign is relevant, exciting and diverse.

With focus on the client, the audience and delivering results, our team of experienced professionals will deliver each campaign with their expertise across cultures and marketing disciplines.

The process is simple:

  1. We understand your brand
  2. We understand your niche market
  3. We create the right tailored solution

Whatever your brief or budget, we can create an answer keeping in line with current trends and using relevant marketing tools.

Choose one of our services to find out more

Strategic Marketing Consultancy – A SMART Vision

Strategic thinking and planning is key to any business’s success creating a clear direction to help meet your business objectives.

Combining our cultural knowledge, marketing expertise and business acumen we work closely with key personnel to advise and develop strategic marketing plans to help support your business growth and identify new multicultural audiences.

The SMART way – All Only Red plans are designed with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Target based objectives.

Only Red work as an integral part of a clients business, providing an outsourced marketing service that not only develops a culturally relevant strategy but also executes, manages and analyses the marketing activity.

Integrated Marketing – The Perfect Mix

Offering integrated marketing services allows us to deliver the perfect mix of marketing disciplines that meet objectives and maximise a return on investment.

We like to think we think of every possible way a client can interact with their audience. This includes traditional and non traditional, both online and off line. Bringing together all the elements of your business we will create a single “R.E.D Concept”, identify the relevant touchpoints and times and then carefully select the right marketing channels to deliver the campaign with maximum impact.

With a cocktail of knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and creative flair each campaign will naturally lead to brand appeal, creating resonance and consistency.

PR – Reputation is key

PR is a powerful tool that holds the key to your brands reputation. Understanding the changing needs of the media and the market we concentrate on recommending strategies that will look after your brands reputation and drive results.

Whether the campaign works alone or as part of an integrated marketing campaign, the focus is always on generating support and influencing opinion and behaviour between your brand and your desired target market.

Leveraging from strong media relationships and contacts each campaign has the positive driving force to ensure the campaign focuses on gaining media coverage, targeting the people you wish to communicate with and identifying key stakeholders in a way, that culturally fits their lifestyle.

We also recognise the importance of two-way communication, and the need for brands to also listen to what the audience has to say about their product or service so can arrange conferences, seminars and focus groups.

Advertising – More than just a great creative

With watertight strategic thinking and attention grabbing creativity, we can craft your advertising campaign. Thus, targeting your audience with relevant media, in line with the latest trends to promote your messages. We can also arrange your media planning and buying across all media disciplines from traditional press, radio, outdoor to online, digital and social media.

Projecting a good understanding of cultures, is crucial to building a strong relationship and rapport with your target audience, therefore with the right mix of cultural variables this can be achieved, these variable could be as simple as using multicultural photography as part of your advertising campaign.

Branding – Stand out from the crowd

Creating a strong brand identity is much more than developing a logo.

At Only Red we are passionate about brands and believe the strength of a brand is invaluable and essentially the source of a promise to your audience. We aim to create a brand solution that connects with your audience, whether it is a creation of a new brand or a refreshing boost to an existing brand our experts are at hand to support.

Working closely with our clients we will develop a clear brand strategy mapped from an understanding of your business which will aid towards creating a prominent position for your brand in the minds of the consumer and overall make it stand out from the competing crowd.

Your brand elements will be developed complete with guidelines for application of the brand across marketing materials, advertising, website design and other communications.

Event – The personal touch

Engage, interact and experience - Events form the ideal platform to do just that providing an excellent path to reach your audience and make a personal connection.

Experiential marketing not only creates excitement and a personal experience for the consumer but is also a tool that can aid to drive sales, increase brand image and awareness.

Whether it is creating a new concept or sourcing a relevant existing event to affiliate with, our solutions aim to build a brand resonance with your audience to win brand loyalty.

We provide a complete event management service to clients that want to communicate with either their consumers or clients including: cultural festivals, product launches, showroom launches, conferences, award ceremonies, seminars.

Design – Great design gets noticed

Design speaks volumes, even before your brand has uttered a word. Our creative designers add their creative skill and art to produce cutting edge designs that suit your campaign and relate to your audience.

We can develop your design campaign with fresh new ideas or work with existing creative to achieve better results.

Commercial Production – Giving life to your brand

The perfect commercial is needed to complete your brand story and bring it to life with this in mind we can help with your TV or Radio commercial production.

By keeping the commercial in line with the theme of your campaign, adding creative flair developing scripts and storyboards we can produce TV Commercials: setting the scene in local areas that are familiar to your target audience, with sets and characters to suit and Radio commercial using relevant tones of voices and languages to engage the audience with your message.



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